August Groundhog Day Resolutions Review

So my inner groundhog is having a hard time getting up and at ’em these days. In between being a full-time mom and attempting to work at home, personal goals have gone by the wayside (and all those moms out there nod sagely). For this resolution review day, he didn’t want to even show his face. (And if you’ve ever wondered what Mr. Groundhog’s bottom end looked like, you’re getting a chance now!)

Let me post my previous goals so that we can all laugh at them:

  1. Working at least 15 hours a week (averaging out to 3 hours each workday)
  2. Having a daily routine:
    • During Steven’s first morning nap:
      • Devotional time
      • Putting away dishes
      • Making bed
      • Personal care: Exercise, getting dressed, brush teeth, etc.
      • Housework (may be sacrificed on exercise days)
      • Blogging (may be postponed on exercise days)
    • Next two naps: Working
    • Before bed:
      • Straighten up one room
      • Clear sink of dishes
  3. Walking/running at least 3 times a week, building up on the amount of time I can run. Should be up to 15 minutes by next review day if I increase 3 minutes each week.

In actuality, I have been working quite a bit, getting housework done, blogging, and having semi-regular devotional times and showers. I’m just not doing them with any kind of purposeful routine or in any kind of mind-like-water state. They just sort of happen when they need to happen, which I guess is okay with me.

And walking/running has not been happening at all, but Steve and I have started taking turns swimming laps at the community pool at the end of our street while the other one holds the baby. We’ve been able to do this two or three times a week.

I’m thinking I may need to retire my Groundhog Day resolution participation for the next couple months. Perhaps I’ll pick it back up again next year!


4 thoughts on “August Groundhog Day Resolutions Review

  1. Hello Corrie,

    I’m glad you are managing to fit in a few showers!

    I’m due to give birth in November and was impressed with your previous plan, so I’ve been thinking how I could incorporate a similar structure into my new life. It is interesting to hear that you are achieving things, but not by the approach you expected.

    If you decide to continue with your resolution review for September and October I will be interested to see how you are progressing to help with my mental preparation.

  2. Hi Kate! I will try to go ahead and post updates for the next couple months, probably just more about how I’m doing in general than about my “resolutions.” 🙂 Congratulations on your little one – I hope things are going well! And feel free to post a question if you ever want specifics.

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