Baby related thoughts: Intro

I’m trying to put together a series of posts on pregnancy, labor, and being a new parent. It will be part reminiscing, part introspective processing, part “advice.” I put “advice” in quotes because I’m certainly not an “expert” and because women’s experiences in those areas are so different. One thing I’m learning is that there is no one “right” way to do pregnancy, labor, or parenting; while most people have similar ultimate goals – to raise a healthy, happy, considerate, ethical, and loving child – it’s probably not really going to make too much of a difference, ultimately, whether or not you are a “scheduled baby parent” or an “attachment parent.”

Now, that last statement is just my opinion, unfounded in scientific research or wide-based surveys. And some people who are passionate about attachment parenting or, on the other extreme, baby schedules, would probably disagree with me… which I’m okay with, just please be polite.

Anyway, my goal is to honestly communicate what my experience has been like and to share things that were helpful for me. My desire is that readers of this blog who happen to be moms (or dads, as appropriate) will chime in and share their experiences and opinions, too. And maybe, after all that, readers of this blog who are thinking of having kids (or those who are pregnant) will find it helpful… or, at the least, realize that they can find their own way, too.

Thanks for joining me!

In this series:

  1. On Pregnancy
  2. On Pregnancy Emotions
  3. On Labor
  4. On Baby Gear
  5. On the First Two Weeks
  6. On Breastfeeding
  7. On Cloth Diapering
  8. One Year Later

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