“Living a Life of Impact” graphics

Our church has a “fall focus” every year when the students come back where everyone – children (sometimes), junior high and high schoolers, college students, and adults – comes together to focus on the same topic for six weeks. In the past, the church has used packaged “curriculum” such as 40 Days of Purpose or Living Beyond Ourselves; this year, the staff created their own material for what they’re calling “Living a Life of Impact: Learning from the life of David.” I created screen and print graphics for the main image that they’d be using.

I was given full freedom and initiative for the design. All I knew about the topic was from a short description of the topics for each week (looking at different aspects of David’s life) and that there would be a community service focus on one of the weekends.

After spending an hour or two browsing istockphoto, I chose this image of a wheat field. The metaphor of a harvest, or fruitfulness, is a common one from the Bible, and, I thought, fit in nicely with the theme.

Simply layering text over the photo seemed a little boring to me, so I started playing with different effects. The final image includes three circle shape layers of different shades of grey, set at various opacities with the Overlay mode to pump up the intensity of the colors. The rings emphasize the idea of “impact.” I was thinking along the lines of ripples, but looking at it again, it also works as a target. I used a Futura variant for the main font and JaneAusten for the script font.

I also created a print-friendly version of the graphic, using gold and brown text with the graphic limited to the circles. This was used for the cover of the devotional booklets, on letterhead, and in other printed announcements. I didn’t have control over the printed materials other than providing the graphics, but I think it turned out pretty good.

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