Sending mail in Outlook with AT&T DSL

I just killed a good part of my day trying to figure out how to get Outlook (2003) to send mail with AT&T DSL’s SMTP settings. Now, I don’t consider myself to be very savvy in terms of getting networks and internet connections and such to work, but I have configured Outlook several times in the past with various ISPs and didn’t have any problems as long as I had the proper setup instructions. We had SBC/AT&T DSL a couple years ago and email receiving and sending was fine. This time, however, I was stumped.

The handy booklet that comes with AT&T’s DSL modem has these instructions (which can also be found if you Google various phrases such as “Outlook AT&T DSL SMTP”):

If you use client mail and have trouble sending or receiving email, the problem could be incorrect settings. In this case, you need to enter this server information to tell your program where to retrieve your mail:

Your Email Address; For example,
Incoming (POP):
Outgoing (SMTP): (SMTP authentication required*)
Incoming mail server: POP3
Incoming mail port #: 995, secure connection (SSL) checked
Outgoing mail port #: 465, secure connection (SSL) checked

*You should find the authentication check box in the outgoing mail section of your account setup. For specific instructions, refer to the help section of your email client.
NOTE: If your email client does not support SMTP authentication, you won’t be able to send client email from your AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet account.

All well and good. I have ten or so email accounts that I check through Outlook. Here’s what I did:

  1. In Outlook, I went to Tools > E-mail Accounts > View or change existing email accounts.
  2. I selected my first email account and clicked Change…
  3. My former settings were already there (with Comcast info). I edited them so that they had the following information:
    1. Your name: Corrie Haffly
    2. Email address: []
    3. User Name: []
    4. Password: [my-password]
    5. Incoming mail server (POP3): []
    6. Outgoing mail server (SMTP): (note: depending on which AT&T provider you have, this may be different – log in at AT&T Help or look at the possibly out-of-date chart here)
  4. I clicked the More Settings button.
  5. On the Outgoing server tab, I checked “My outgoing server (SMPT) requires authentication.” I selected “Log on using” and entered my AT&T user name and password.
  6. On the Advanced tab, I checked “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” and changed the port to 465.
  7. I repeated this for each email account.

The above configuration is correct, however, it didn’t work for me. I tried various combinations without effect. Finally, I contacted AT&T online chat support.

Having handled online chat support as the tech support person several times before, I tried to be succinct and clear with my problem. I forgot to save the chat, but here’s a reconstruction of how it went:

Me: Hi! I’m trying to configure Outlook 2003 to send email from different email accounts using AT&T DSL’s SMTP settings. Here is what I’m using:
Under more mail options, Outgoing server tab – checked requires auth. and entered my AT&T user/pass
Under Advanced tab – checked ssl, port 465
It’s not working for me – do you know if I’m missing something or doing something wrong?
Tech: I’m sorry you’re having problems. It sounds like you are having problems sending mail, correct?
Me: Yes.
Tech: Make sure that you have “My outgoing server requires authentication” checked and that “Use same settings as my incoming server” is checked.
Me: I am NOT trying to receive email from the AT&T account. I am trying to SEND email from a different email account. I have “outgoing server…” checked, but “log on using” selected with my AT&T user/pass entered.
Tech: I see that you are trying to check a different email account. What is the email address you are trying to use?
Me: I have several different email addresses configured in Outlook. I can RECEIVE email fine. I cannot send email.
Tech: What error do you get?
Me: Um… I don’t know what error I get. When I try to send, the “enter account info” dialog box pops up continuously and will not accept my username and password. I end up having to cancel the send.
Tech: This is a problem with Outlook. [inserts canned response about how Outlook doesn’t save the SSL information properly, so I will either have to pay for AT&T “plus” support or contact Microsoft, the creator of Outlook.]
Me: As there are so many Outlook users out there, I am surprised and disappointed that AT&T does not have a solution at hand for this issue.
Tech: I am sorry that you are having problems. We cannot support Outlook, as it is software provided by a different company, Microsoft. You will have to contact the makers of Outlook to resolve your issue, or I can refer you to AT&T paid tech support.
Me: No, I understand. Can you please look back at my info above and confirm that my settings are correct?
Tech: Yes, your settings are correct.
Me: Okay, thanks. I’ll try to find a solution on my own.

So AT&T thinks this is an Outlook problem? I refined my googling with “at&t dsl outlook outgoing smtp not saving password” and eventually came across this site, which suggested that a service pack would fix the problem. I couldn’t figure out if I had the service pack or not and finally downloaded it and, in trying to install it, found that I already had it applied. So that wasn’t the issue.

As I beat my head against the desk and tried different things, I finally found an error message by using the “Test Account Settings” button in Outlook:

Send test e-mail; the specified server was found, but there was no response from the server

Searching with keywords on that phrase brought me to a forum post that pointed me to this Yahoo Help article which explained the real issue: My email accounts had to first be verified. The Yahoo Help page basically explains the steps you need to take to verify EACH email account through Yahoo. Once verified, emails can be sent in Outlook using the settings described above.

I found that simply leaving the Yahoo window open and manually entering the verification code, as suggested in Step 9a-d, didn’t work for me. Step 9e, entering in my password, would shoot me out to the AT&T Yahoo! home page without actually processing the verification. I only got results if I clicked the verification link that came in the email for that specific account (I was using Firefox 3, didn’t try any other browsers).

I also skipped the step where you enter in your server info, as I didn’t want to check these accounts via the Yahoo interface.

I also read that you’re limited to 10 email accounts. I actually had 11, but luckily could ditch one without consequence.

Before I could verify my emails, though, I had one more atypical road bump. When installing AT&T DSL last night, I chose to do a manual install instead of using their install CD. During the AT&T DSL registration process, I created a username and password successfully, but the next page didn’t load properly for me. I went ahead and activated the modem with my new user/pass successfully, so I didn’t think anymore of it. However, it seems that simply creating a username/password wasn’t enough – it didn’t actually create or activate the account to allow me to access Yahoo!/AT&T services. So when I tried to log in at with my username and password, it told me that my ID didn’t exist. I had to go back and go through the registration process again (it worked, this time) to be able to access Yahoo Mail and thus Yahoo Mail options.

So this ended up being a three step process for me…

  1. Register new AT&T/Yahoo! ID properly.
  2. Set up Outlook settings properly (which I did in the beginning).
  3. Verify each and every email account using Yahoo! Mail options.

I’m still very disappointed with the AT&T live chat support that I interacted with. Is it really such a rare occurrence for someone to want to use a non-AT&T email address that they never run into this? Or was it a ploy to get me to pay for tech support? Seeing as how verifying email addresses through Yahoo was an integral part of the process and Outlook had NOTHING to do with it, my opinion of their customer support is currently very low.

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  1. Wow, thanks for this! I just got AT&T Internet in my temporary digs and chose not to set up the outlook stuff when i registered (at, like midnight thirty on wednesday night – bah!), which means I will ahve to do it myself later. Your post will be a life saver!

    Thank you for “headdesking” so that others might live. 🙂

    1. From what I can tell, ATT likes to block Outlook’s default ports in an attempt to get you to purchase their tech support so they can charge you to simply log in to your modem/router and unblock the port (most likely port 25 or 465). Call them, demand to speak to uverse tech support and refuse to pay their fee and they will eventually fix this very easy to fix problem. Once they unblock the port, all problems solved!

  2. Nice work Corrie! It’s always amazing the types of hoops we have to go through for email these days. It just keeps getting worse.

  3. Bummer you went through all that. Too bad Albert wasn’t here… this all sounds familiar and I’m pretty sure we had to go through all of that too!!!!

  4. Oh Yes, the “other account” verification with Outlook on Yahoo. That’s a “new” thing they have everyone do that has AT&T internet. I think Jeremy had to do it for me 2 months ago. It was such a bother… not to mention if anything “breaks” I have to ask him to help me to fix it, since the internet we all use is under his name. Sigh. I’m glad you figured it out though and everything is working correctly now.

  5. Luis – I’m not going to pretend to be an AT&T tech expert, but as my experience above shows, I had to go through the extra step of verifying each email address through the Yahoo! mail interface. The online chat tech person told me to call Microsoft, too, but obviously that was not necessary for me!

  6. Your article was great…but had lots of problems. Here is the solution that just happened with ATT that fixes all of that!!!!

    1) Call tech support…get to LEVEL 2 tech support…which means you may have to go through level 1 person.

    2) When you get to level 2 tech, have them unlock port 25 on your router/modem. I have a 2-wire brand. He unlocked it (using my att email account) and then had me reboot the router

    3) Done…that simple

    Works just like it did before…no yahoo email smtp junk.

    Hope that helps…Terry

    1. This mirrors my experience. After hours on the phone with poorly trained ATT technicians, this posting provided the magic words. Ask Level 2 tech support to unlock port 25 (only allowed if you’re a business level customer). That enabled me to use the email settings and various servers I’d used for my email all along, without all the Yahoo contortions. Many thanks.

  7. As a follow up..found a solution that works even better and may not require Level 2 support. Found this at: Here is the guy’s solution and it works flawlessly so far. I quote him “My workaround has been to disable SSL for SMTP (not POP) and send outgoing mail on port 587. This has been working.”

    I hit my own smtp server using this port and I can now send emails and sending large email attachments seems to work great.

    1. Thank You so much! I have spent hours working on this. It’s crazy, I had it working fine for a couple weeks now and I don’t know what happened. It just stopped working lastnight, the hubby must have been messing with the settings (I don’t know why)… This is the only thing that seemed to work!!!

      Thank You so much Terry!

    2. Terry-So far so good… I am holding my breath. I cannot believe the run around I have been getting from AT&T. All I want to do is send email from my COMPANY domain…NOT gmail etc…

      Can I call you?

    3. A little bit late, but your 587 works perfect, at least for the time being. I had the same send problems. Thanks for the post. I almost had to swith back to TWC (Tx.RR.Com)

  8. Terry – thanks for all of your input! Although the verification process worked fine for my needs, I’m sure other people who come across this site will find your information helpful as well.

  9. I connected to DSL through AT&T and now cannot get OUTLOOK EXPRESS. I have worked on it all weekend. Could not get any help from Tech Support. It always shows up that they cannot find a dial tone. But I know they shouldn’t. The only thing the Tech Support says is that my computer evidently does not recognize the DSL. Is this possible or is it possible I have hooked up something wrong?

  10. Thank you so much i had the exact same experience with ATT. I just tried manually inputting the one email address and verifying it through ATT and low and behold it worked. When chatting with them they offer no support and I’m sure want you to use their service.

  11. Thanks for documenting this. I had a few hiccups, but was finally able to plow on through and get it set up to send e-mails from Outlook.

    Thanks again!!


  12. I had AT&T U-verse installed on Saturday and cancelled on Mondy….Yahoo AT&T mail is a poor product. Usenet is not available from the Bellsouth Miami server. I spent hours on the phone with tech support that is not knowledgable.
    The finger pointing atrted early.

    It all worked just fine before they installed U-verse

    Out they go!

  13. I’ve followed all the 3 steps listed to correct the same problem you had ; I registered manually & couldn’t get the window after I created my username & password to load. Where do I go to register again correctly? I went to but I don’t get a window where I can register again.

    Thank you for your info; it’s been very helpful.

  14. The problem could also be that your outgoing mail server uses a port 25. ATT blocks port 25 by default, but Uverse tech support will open it for you if you call and ask them to. I had the same problem and this solved it immediately. Check if your current SMTP port is 25. If so, call Uverse.

  15. Wow thanks! AT&T’s chat help was equally unhelpful and just had me going round and round in circles, but when I found your article through Google I finally knew what to do. I can’t believe AT&T doesn’t have a help article about this anywhere! Their customer service is awful! Thanks for your help!

  16. I am an AT&T DSL Customer and was trying to play around with my own SMTP program. It was NOT working and after looking at everything I figured it must be something beyond my control and then I googled and found this page!
    How true!!
    I called them up and guess what they said – you will have to upgrade your account to a business account to get access to port 25! Why the sons of &***&*@ ! Money for everything.. WHen I signed up for DSL, I didnt believe I was signing up for only a few ports and the rest of the ports were extra!!

    Thanks for posting this!

  17. This was really a Godsend. I also switched from Comcast and thought it would be an easy matter to reconfigure the SMTP settings. Without your tip about verifying with Yahoo I would have spent many hours on this.


  18. I too followed the directions (and they are great), but realized after working for an hour that someone loaded ATT Parental Control software for one sub-account which blocked all incoming mail to all sub-accounts but not the primary account. I had to log onto the primary account in parental controls and remove the email problem to begin receiving email again. Also, use only lower case when typing POP and SMTP addresses. For anyone with an SBC account, check to be sure you need to use “att” and not sbc in those addresses.

  19. re: unblocking port 25 on the DSL modem

    The level 1 AT&T tech said that in order to do this I would be required to “upgrade” from residential to business (an extra $10/month). I’m not happy with this!

  20. Hi, I just wnt through all this yesterday, and the ATT call center said the same exact things to me!!!! It’s unbelievable! Finally I found out that I had to verify all the accounts.
    This is really disgusting, because their purpose is to make you use just their account, not yours!! They said they couldn’t tell me what the problem was with thunderbird (I use thunderbird) so I said “tell me with Ourlook” and it seemed that they couldn’t understand where the problem was!!! An today is the 2nd of April and you had the same issue on October 08!!! ATT sucks!!!! Sorry but I am really angry with this service, it’s the first time in my life ever that I am experiencing all these issues 😦

  21. Before I ordered ATT DSL last week I made the chat person confirm that I could get port 25 opened so that I could send email through my corporate server. After over 2 hours on the phone with a variety of support people, I was finally told that I had to upgrade to a business account with its extra cost. I had already spent considerable time getting a static IP based on one support person’s solution.
    This thread illuminates the solution of authenticated emails. ATT is dishonest and has a distinct disdain for the time of its customers. Since COMCAST refused under any circumstance to open port 25 I feel stuck. Non-crippled access to the internet should be available.

  22. I too, sat through hours trying to figure out why the heck I couldn’t get my non-att emails to send. I had gone through the verification process, and still couldn’t get the emails to send. Then I checked my smtp settings again, and I figured out that I had the smtp settings for my secondary account set up to send the non-att emails, when I should have the primary account to send them. I had verified the non-att accounts through my primary att account, although that is my husband’s email address, and I use the secondary one. DUH!

  23. It worked for me. I got help from AT&T

    We have received questions regarding the following error message which is received by customers when they send e-mail using a non-verified e-mail address:
    “Unable to send the message. Please verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded: 553 From: address not verified.”
    If you have received this error message, you will continue to receive it for emails sent with a non-verified address until you verify your Yahoo! email address or any other non AT&T email addresses (e.g.,,,, etc.). Verification instructions are available on the AT&T Help site

    If you’re unable to send email, try using port 587 when sending via Yahoo!’s SMTP server. Here’s how to make this change in Outlook:
    1. From the “Tools” menu, select “Accounts.”
    2. Select your Yahoo! POP account and click the “Properties” button.
    3. Click the “Advanced” tab.
    4. Next to “Outgoing server (SMTP”), change port 25 to 587.
    5. Click “Apply.” Then click “OK” and “Close.”








    1. This really worked me. thanks a ton. I had a problem with sending messages through my work e-mail id in outlook 2007 from my home using At&t DSL. All I did is changed the outgoing server port to 587 as you advised and left incoming server port to 110 and it worked like a magic trick.


  24. Hey I had the same issue this morning. Their solution was to change the smtp port to 587 from 25 and that worked. I hope that helps.

  25. October 2, 2009 – had ATT installed on September 25th. Technician left with email not working using outlook. I use an old version of outlook 2001. I got incoming email working for both Road Runner and ATT that evening on my own and did not realize the outgoing was not working (it was late). I used a combination of Corrie’s info and also post #9 (Terry). Thanks to both and all who contributed to this blog. Ken

  26. Great! I have tried everything known to man to fix “my” issue with I have used the same email address for the last twelve years and did not want to change and have to change all the other stuff out there I had used that account with. Your article is great and I’m betting will fix the issue – can’t wait to try it this evening.

  27. You saved me many hours of fustration. I only spent three hours this morning with att “help”. I kept banging my head against the wall with these people. They could not understand that there was a problem or situation on their end. I told them the same things you did. It works at the office and at the hotels I stay in and even on my air card.

    Thank you for posting this.

  28. I was getting the 553 Email address is not verified error and figured out a solution. On the general tab of outlook express account setting, change your email address to the att email address, such as, but leave the reply address as the one you want mail coming to. Apparently if the “email address” isn’t an att address, it won’t allow mail to be sent. As long as your reply address is your domain, mail will come to where you want it.

  29. I got mine working with all the same settings in Apple Mail with my verified work email address. I had to change to port

  30. I use entourage and followed part of the instructions from Raj’s post. I didn’t need to verify my email addresses and the process was really quick and easy. I’ve excerpted the instructions here:





    Thanks, everyone.

    1. I am using SMTP.ATT.YAHOO.COM without problems but I am not able to send email with attachments? pls advise

  31. Thanks Corrie for putting up a web site to let everyone know how much of a problem it was to get their Outlook Express working when they upgraded to DSL.
    After spending 2 hours with AT&T DSL techs, I found out that they never changed the AT&T Worldnet Dial up. AT&T DSL techs gave me “” and my friend put in “” and it worked. Took him all of 5 minutes.

  32. Thank you very much for your help. I am a retired network guy and was very embarrassed to not be able to set up my account. Thanks again for your post and site!

  33. As stated, if the “FROM” address isn’t an ATT/YAHOO address, Yahoo won’t allow mail to be sent. This is an unfixable problem for people that want to use a separate “from” address on their emails and the reason that ATT-YAHOO stinks! I’m switching back to COMCAST first thing who didn’t have this censorship problem forcing people to only give out and use their assigned user name as the only from email address allowed by Yahoo/ATT. The TO: FROM: SUBJECT: fields of a personal email should never be censored or limited like this and isn’t with a real ISP – ATT/Yahoo is a joke and lame excuse for an ISP! I prefer to send some emails using different disposal FROM addresses that I dont mine getting SPAM depending on what they are and NEVER give out my real email address except for special use. Again. ATT/Yahoo always forces you to use your main registered address for everything by checking if the FROM matches the account on the SMTP server – simply ridiculous Yahoo marketing B.S. I’m sure!

  34. Thank you! This still works. I was told by technical support that this could not be done unless I upgraded to a business account and that a business account was only available to a commercial address. You have to love monopolies.

  35. Thanks so much. After 3 hours of trying to fix this issue I found your post. It was a life saver. I was pulling my hair out and it was like 12:30 in the morning. I would probably still be trying to fix my email if I hadn’t found you.

  36. AT&T and Outlook Problem Solved! Actually, the solution was very simple (after 6 hours of phone calls, frustration, and tooling around with MS Outlook settings). The problem is not with Outlook at all. In my case, all it was is that Yahoo (AT&T’s portal) needs to verify all 3rd party (outside) email accounts. They are adamant about this with their security, in their efforts to curtail spam. In essence, it’s SPAM is the impetus behind all of these email issues for all of us using MS Outlook and AT&T DSL. Trust me, call AT&T Tech support and, once you are able to convince their initial line of defense and they put you through to a Level 2 (or Tier 2, depending on who you talk with) Tech Support specialist, at AT&T, they will simply have your 3rd party email account verified, which will enable you to both Send and Receive emails through Outlook, when before, I was only able to receive email messages in Outlook.
    4got to mention that one needs to call AT&T at 1-800-288-2020 first, then you have to ask for a Level 2 Tech Support Staff member. They (AT&T) will then ask you a bunch of security questions, put you on hold for a while, and then connect you to a capable person who can fix this MS-Outlook issue for you. FYI, I believe that it is the same issue/problem for Outlook 2003, 2007 and others too, in conjunction with AT&T or AT+T DSL Internet service.

  37. Thanks so much for this posting. It didn’t solve my problem, but it enabled me to understand what the problem was. I was sending my work email to Outlook on a home machine, and AT&T email proved entirely impossible as the sending server for outgoing messages. I switched over to my Gmail account, though, and made it work. The key was knowing that I had to verify the external email account. Thanks again for your generosity in doing this post. It was indispensable. I only banged my head on the desk until I found it.

  38. Your tutorial enabled me to “truely” verify my alternative e-mail address. As with you neither ATT support or the verify help in my original e-mail worked. Your wording and shortcuts got me going. Thanks for taking the effort to post this!

  39. Corrie-

    A big thanks to you for this posting!

    I use OE 6 for work email, and now with U-verse, I could receive, but not send. I was dead in the water!

    AT&T tech support didn’t even know about needing to “verify” another email account.

    Once I verified, it worked lickety-split.

    Thanks again-

  40. Thank you so much for posting this. I like everyone here are feeling the wrath from ATT. The lack of documentation and the run around their support provides makes me question the integrity of this company.

    I followed your steps to a T. I am receiving the 553 error message just like everyone else except my email accounts are verified according to ATT. They still want to charge me $29 to install my email when clearly the error is on their end. I refuse to pay ATT $29 or any amount of money that is extortion. I know my way around a computer. I just need the right settings. I am ready to send this back to ATT and keep my comcast modem. I only switched because Comcast cable phone is horrible.

  41. This post is dead on!! Word for word. I got off the phone with AT&T moments before finding this post and its right on.

    If your trying to set up 3rd party email through Outlook, look no further. Follow these instructions.

    FYI-I had to verify accounts 2 times before it took. Add, verify, remove account, add, verify, worked.

  42. I have been dealing with this for over a month now and ATT&T cannot or will not help. After several attempts with a “tech guy”(loose term even for att&t’s standards) I am getting so upset hearing – “so what you are saying is, the internet works fine, but outlook is giving you issues, I am sorry sir but we have NOT encountered this issue before, perhaps you should call microsoft”

    att&t has taken 5 years off my life dealing with the aggravation, I found an easy solution though, I am cancelling my service with att&t and going back to cable.

  43. Thanks so much for posting this info. I even knew what att page I was looking for because I’ve set up several email addresses in the past and verified them for att. But I could not find the page again until I found your blog.

    In general I am very disappointed in tech support people. Even the ones who speak English are often not trained and apparently they lack common sense.

  44. It’s amazing that the conversation I had with AT&T this morning was almost identical to yours. There was no clue after tech support, escalated tech support and the paid support(I didn’t buy it either) that this had anything to do with Yahoo. Thank you for your post as it saved me a lot of trouble (and money). Gene

  45. thank you so much – i just got uverse and was frustrated, but i found your article and was AMAZED at how perfect it was… exactly what needed to be done – thanks for taking the time to do this – it saved me a ton of time!!!

  46. Thank you so much for expressing my frustration with att and its tech support. My preference has always been Outlook Express, unfortunately, I’ve had to depend on att techs to solve my problem—which has not been resolved. It’s very obvious why tech support cannot and will not help, they want to be paid for that service.

  47. I had the same problem sending through At&T at my girlfriend. I have my own incoming mail server. They wanted me to use her email address and password in the settings and then create an additional account. I finally change the smtp settings to 587 AND IT WORKED WITHOUT DOING ALL THEIR GARBAGE.!!!! Hope it works for you. Alan

  48. I spent most of the day yesterday with this problem and talked to non-existant ATT customer service with the same old answers. I tried the 587 with no luck. Just for yucks just before I went to bed I pushed the default button on advanced which went back to 110, 25 and the outlook started sending and recieving. I have had U-Verse for about a month.

  49. Corrie, this is just frikkin awesome that you put this post up — my client has the UNFORTUNATE pleasure of being a new AT&T DSL customer.

    Your BLOG post serves as a better help tool than AT&T’s website, yahoo’s website, and even AT&T’s customer support LIVE person I SPOKE with.

    May I please just say, AT&T lady? You DON’T know it all, like your smug hurry-up-and-get-this-guy-off-the-phone attitude suggested. The information you gave was just plain WRONG — and, oh by the way, if you force your customers to use your outgoing SMTP settings, and you’ve partnered with Yahoo who apparently provides the secret to making it work, you by extension DO IN FACT support email clients such as Outlook, contrary to the so-called “policy” you spout. Get off your high horse and help some people, will ya?

    Corrie, again, you are awesome, whoever you are! Thank you!

  50. I just wanted to thank you. I was stunned when told that because I was using an “email client” I would have to pay for tech support! I was, to say the least, not happy. You saved me time and a lot of stress! Thanks!

  51. AWESOME!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! It took me over a month to try to figure this out and the answer was here all along!

    PORT 587 RULES!!!

  52. Wow, thank you! I have never had an ISP that forced the use of their outgoing server. I was about ready to start foaming at the mouth!

    I called the tech support and they wanted to send someone out to change the settings on my computer (for a fee, of course).

    The truly insane part is, they acted like it was some Huge Secret Setting that a humble home user couldn’t dream of finding. Oiy.

  53. thank you for the information. just like so many other people that have written on your blog…att was no help at all!!!

  54. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I spent hours an dhours trying to fix this. I could receive att emails but not send. Other email addresses worked fine. I had the settings correct and ATT told me that it was my problem if the settings are correct. In my case it was the authenticating the outgoign server and adding my email and password to log on. OMG I finally do not need to use 2 different computers to get all my mail!

    1. I’m stuck with a similar issue at work. We set up a new user on 5-26 and email worked. on 6-20, he sent out 2 emails, and has been unable to send since. he has emails just sitting in his outbox that won’t send. After 2 hours on the phone with AT&T yesterday I was told his email address is not verified and can’t be verified because “at some point someone on your end replied to a verification email by blocking that email address”. When I asked what date, I was told we don’t have access to a date, we just know that it was blocked on your end and we can’t unblock it.

      They want me to change his email address and deal with any fallout from that. Again the mail worked for a month, if it was never verified why did it work for a month? they insist the only solution is to change the email address it’s impossible to unblock it.

  55. Many thanks for the good advice. I followed all the instructions to the Tee, and I still could not make my Outlook 2003 work. After 40 minutes on the phone with AT&T “support”, I was informed that the Yahoo server did not recognize my identity. The AT&T tech even sent me an email which I recieved on my AT&T webmail account. AT&T concluded there was nothing they could do and suggested I contact the paid help desk. Finally, after lots of surfing I came up with the solution to the problem of Yahoo not recognizing my identity. You have to log-in to your webmail account, click on “options” then “more options”, which brings up a menu on the left side of the screen. Click on “accounts” and you will see “If you want to check email from this Yahoo! Mail account in an email client like Outlook, visit “Pop & Forwarding” on the left.” Then click on “Pop & Forwarding” as instructed. Click the radio button “Allow your Mail to be POPed”. For the “When POPing my messages” choice I selected “don’t POP Spam”.

    Worked like a charm. I immediately began receiving and sending with my Outlook 2003.

    Hope it works for you all.

  56. Or, you could just try and bypass the whole issue:

    Just got Uverse the other day and this issue came up.

    It’s true that ATT has Uverse now block port 25 on Outlook, which is an issue witih security. I’m seeing all manner of answers around the Net, and yes if you contact the tech support ConnectTech they’ll tell you that to unblock this you’ll need to agree to a fee.

    You can try and work around this manually by just leaving the whole port 25 issue aside.

    The best way is for those with a Uverse account to log in using your account ID and account password (in this case it’s the NEW email and password given to you when you signed up with Uverse and established your own personalized settings. Remember, though, this is the Uverse email and is not necessarily the one you’ll have to use if you prefer a customized existing email account using Outlook.)

    When logged in, you’ll see a menu of icons and text for several different choices. Click on “My ATT” at the top menu bar, then choose My Account, where you’ll then see the sub-categories of “Internet” and “Internet Support”.

    Click on “Internet Support.” This will take you to a screen where you’ll see several icons. Choose the one that reads “Troubleshoot and Resolve”. Click “Begin”

    This will take you to a menu where you’ll be shown “Troubleshoot and Resolve” yet again.

    Click it. Go to the icon for Email and click “email repair (since the issue is that you already have an email with Outlook, it’s just not sending now, and you don’t need to set one up in this case).

    So, hit “Begin.”

    ATT will verify your account info, and ask for your permission to run a diagnositc tool that will analyze your system including email, browsers, browser cache level, homepage (not really vital, and you don’t have to mess with this one if you prefer to keep some other home page) disk memory, system memory, anti-virus, firewalls, etc., etc.

    Allow it to run. Latest browsers might give a pop up asking for permission, etc. Allow.

    You’ll be shown an extensive list of green checkmarks on all deemed good, and red “X”‘s on everyting substandard. If you’re having the cruddy port 25 issue, you can be almost sure that the red “X” will be showing next to email settings at this point. The email should NOT be showing “optimized” just yet.

    If it requests to fix it in order to optimize (and it should), do so.

    This will RESET Outlook’s internal account settings, get rid of the port 25 issue, and replace it with the NEW ATT server info for both incoming and outgoing email, and this should fix most of these kinds of port 25 issues by just replacing with new ports. Later, you’ll see that incoming server was shifted to 995 and outgoing server was shifted to 465. You are now “optimized.”

    Worth a shot, and feeless. And in any case, it’s best from a diagnostic point of view to take some time and learn your way around your own Uverse account’s capabilities, features, and diagnostic tools in any case.

  57. Just talked to ATT and I told them that I needed port 25 unlocked. The teck asked whether I was using a third party server which I do. He unlock port 25 and sending emails worked immediatly. This was after hours of 2 calls to ATT and one to Microsoft. Both told me I needed to talk to Microsoft, Toshiba – anyone but them to solve my sending email problem.

    This is a common problem with an easy solution. And has been arround for years. Just have ATT tech support unlock port 25 of the ATT modem.

  58. yes, ATT block most/all smtp ports by default which are needed for Outlook client to work. Call this number and navigate the menu’s to get someone to open your smtp ports 1 866 757 9808
    They can open your smtp ports and all will work. Do not change your email settings to this which most low level techs start telling you. Has nothing to do with it.
    Tell them unless the ports are open they will lose your bussiness.

  59. Except the problem is I’ve noticed from others including myself, they just will NOT unblock it. Period. Navigating through their site like I said above you can “optimize” the account and that handles it all. Outlook will work just fine with the new settings.

  60. Thanks for the info. I never understand why Outlook was not working fine with ATT because was working for months without issue.

    After reading the article, I figure it out I need to enter into ATT in the webpage and yes, a confirmation code was requested.

    After that, Outlook was able to work without issue.

  61. Disposeable email address won’t let me send
    email because I have yahoo email,but I have while it is embedded with @yahoo?

  62. Go to, then click “myAT&T”, and login using the main email address and password which you created when the Internet account was established with ATT. Under Internet, click dropdown menu, select “Create or Manage a sub account”, then click “Add a sub account” to create sub accounts.

    Once the sub account is created, it works with the following mail server configurations;

    Click “More Settings” and click

    “Outgoing server set up” tab;
    Check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”

    Click “Advanced” tab;
    Using the port settings of
    Incoming server (pop) 995 ssl
    Outgoing server (smtp) 465 ssl

    Hope this will help.

  63. Thank you so much!! I had a couple of hours in with trying to get this to work…ATT wouldn’t/couldn’t help. My dialog with them as almost the same as yours and it it 5 years after your post. This fixed all of my problems!!!!!!

  64. the link for the info below is:

    To set up your AT&T Mail account in Outlook 2007, simply add a new email account to your existing Outlook profile:

    This feature is not available for free email accounts created after 6/12/11.

    Open Outlook 2007 on your computer.
    Select the Tools menu, and then select Account Settings.

    Select the New…button.

    Select the radio button next to Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP, and click Next.
    Select the check box next to Manually configure server settings or additional server types.
    Click Next.

    Select the radio button next to Internet E-mail.
    Click Next.

    In the User Information section:
    Under Your Name field, type your name the way that you want it to appear to other people.
    In the E-mail Address field, enter your full AT&T email address (e.g.,

    If you are setting up this account for an AT&T Email Alias, input the alias email address in this field.

    In the Server Information section:
    In the Account Type field, verify POP3 is displayed.
    In the Incoming Mail (POP3 or IMAP) Server field, enter
    In the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server field, enter
    In the Logon Information section:
    In the User Name field, enter your full email address.
    In the Password: field, enter your password.

    If you are setting up this account for an AT&T Email Alias, input the full email address of the ID (Primary or Sub Account) associated with the email alias in this field. Do not input the email alias address in this field.

    Select the Remember password check box.

    Select More Settings.
    Select the Outgoing Server tab.
    Verify these settings:
    The check box beside My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication is selected.
    The radio button beside Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected.

    Select the Advanced tab.
    Verify these settings:
    The Incoming mail (POP3) should be port 995 and the check box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is selected.
    The Outgoing mail (SMTP) should be port 465 and the check box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is selected.
    Click OK.

    Click Next.
    Click Finish.

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