Finished beads

I picked up the beads this morning from the flameworking class!

The beads were still on the mandrels. When I asked one of the Craft Center helpers how to get the beads off, he said that you basically had to twist the bead until it got loose, then twist/pull it off. He demonstrated… and naturally, my turquoise bead broke because it was too brittle! I kept the pieces, though, because it looked so pretty! This is the one where I tried the Saturn rings technique:

Here’s a group picture of my beads (sans the broken one), taken as I was walking home:

Here is the swirly bead where I used the unicorn horn (opaque blue and opaque light blue over clear):

This is the bead where I added the copper frit and blue dots on a base of opaque light blue with a clear overlayer. I think this one turned out the best.

This one was the two rows of dots that bled into each other. I had used a clear turquoise for the base, put opaque light blue dots, then put more clear turquoise on top. I think the clear turquoise on top just blended in with the turquoise underneath, so it doesn’t look like much! There are slight bronze streaks, too, which I think is when the glass burned because I must have gotten it too hot.

This was my “hearts” bead. Again, you can see some bronze/red streaking from where the glass got too hot. Who knew that glass could burn? This is also the one that I still can’t get off the mandrel!

My boring clear bead. This one also cracked when I tried to twist it off.

And my final group picture

Now for Angela’s beads:

Angela had a big turquoise bead, too – we ended up using the same colors (unplanned) for our first two beads!

Angela’s dots turned out really nice. She used a white base and dark blue dots over clear turquoise dots.

This is Angela’s heart bead, which apparently got burned, too:

Angela’s “fritted” bead, on white:

Angela’s swirly bead turned out nice, too. Mine hardly had any of the color on it, but she got a nice mix:

I got one of Angela’s beads off for her but left her to deal with the rest, which seemed pretty stuck at the time. 🙂

Even though two of my beads broke, I’m still happy with the results and overall experience. I most likely will not take this up as a regular hobby since I can’t make it out to the lab on campus regularly enough to make the cost of a pass worth it, but I’m open to taking other glass classes in the future!


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