Plants in the ground

I finally transplanted all of the pepper and basil seedlings into our planter boxes this past weekend and sowed a row of spring onions as well. The tomato cage is over the spring onions to discourage certain cats from using our planter box as a litter box.

The Golden Jubilee and Roma tomato plants are getting big, and there are several green tomatoes forming!

The Sweet 100 is getting ginormous!

Yesterday I spotted our first ripening cherry tomatoes:

And the rogue butternut squash are thriving as well. There are at least two tiny squash that have formed:

Finally, I planted one of our rogue Sweet 100 seedlings in the front yard planter box. We’ll see how it goes.

Expenditures from the past few weeks:

  • New 100′ no-kink garden hose – ours burst open: $56.01
  • Drip irrigation materials (another weekend project for the future): $38.32
  • Another ultomato stake – $6.45
  • Organic plant food – $6.44

Expenditures summary:

  • One-time: $138.04

    • Herbs for front planter box: $10.37
    • Gear: Tools, hoses, tomato stakes, etc.: $127.67
  • This season: $24.50
    • Plant starters and plant food: $8.58
    • Seeds and seedlings: $15.92

As beginning gardeners, our one-time expenses this season are getting pretty high. I’m interested to see how our expenses will compare next season.

Now, I need to figure out how I’m going to keep track of our production!


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