Reading: The Noticer by Andy Andrews

The NoticerI’ve joined the Book Review Blogger program at Thomas Nelson, and as my first book, downloaded an ebook version of The Noticer by Andy Andrews. This short, fast read compresses common wisdom and live-your-best-life principles in a fictional tale of a man named Jones who mysteriously appears at critical moments of peoples’ lives to provide “a little perspective.” Jones’ advice enables the residents of the small town depicted in the novel — whether struggling with a broken marriage, loneliness, financial problems, or what-have-you– to understand why their lives are the way they are and what they can do to change them.

I suppose if you’ve never read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman or kept a gratitude journal, this book might be life-changing for the simplistic way it distills principles from many of the other self-help books out there. Overall, I found it a nice review of good-to-remember principles when it comes to living life and loving people, but the sermon-disguised-as-story and stereotyped, one-dimensional characters made this less than impressive fiction. All the same, the book was such a quick read — and a free review copy! — that I didn’t mind taking the extra time to compose a review.


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