Baby related thoughts: One year later

This is the eigth of a series of posts on pregnancy, labor, birth, and being a new parent. See intro and full list.

Okay, technically it’s been over a year since Steven was born and only nine months since my last post in the Baby Related Thoughts series, but it sort of averages out to a year! I thought now was a good time to revisit a few of the topics I’ve previously posted on and add some updates and comments.

On baby gear

After a year (and a few months), I’m surprised by how many things we still use on my original baby gear list. The things that we don’t currently use are:

  • cradle – which we didn’t use by the time I wrote the previous post anyway
  • swaddling blankets, sleep sacks – since Steven is no longer swaddled. However, we now use many of the blankets that we received as gifts. They were also useful for protecting the floor when Steven was starting to be mobile and was still spitting up quite a bit.
  • baby monitor – this would be helpful if ours worked when going to other places, but we’ve gotten along fine without it.
  • bottles and sterilizer, breast pump – we never did consistently bottle-feed Steven.
  • Brest Friend feeding pillow – didn’t use this after the first month or two
  • food mill – Steven doesn’t need mashed food anymore
  • some baby carriers – Steven has outgrown the Baby Bjorn, and the other carriers have been abandoned in favor of the free Sutemi carrier that I got from my sister. It’s similar to the Ergo Baby carrier. I think I’d like an Ergo better, but the Sutemi was free!

My current top “for sure” items:

  • Jogging stroller
  • Bike trailer – in our town, you can bike anywhere (and it’s nice and flat). Going on errands on the bike is a nice outing for both me and the baby!
  • BumGenius diapers
  • Feeding seat/high chair
  • Sippy cup – I got a small Klean Kanteen with the Avent sipper top and keep it filled with water. Steven will pick it up off the floor and drink from it himself when he’s thirsty.

Update 8/4 – One thing I just thought of that we use really frequently was the noisemaker from the “Sleep Sheep” that we got as a gift. It makes various types of white noise (45 min max time limit) and has been invaluable with helping Steven sleep in other places, since we use white noise at home, too.

On cloth diapering

Over a year later, we are still using cloth diapers with very few exceptions. I used Seventh Generation disposable diapers when we went camping and provided them for babysitters on our first weekend away from the baby.

We are still fans of the BumGenius diapers that we got — although I’m a bit sad that they came out with organic diapers and more color selection after we got ours. They have held up well through the multiple changes and launderings, although the velcro tabs started to curl after six or eight months and the laundry tabs – the small strip of cloth next to the tabs that allow you to stick them down for laundering — stopped being “sticky” after nine to ten months. (A friend mentioned that using a “sweater shaver” would get them fuzzy again, but I haven’t gotten around to trying that tip yet). I would still take the easy velcro tabs over other types of pocket diapers, however.

That’s all for now, but I have some ideas on future posts on sleep and solid food, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Baby related thoughts: One year later

  1. Hi Corrie,

    We are now 10 months into our baby adventures and our experience of equipment sound very similar.

    We are still using and enjoying our OneLife washable nappies. However, we do sometimes use disposable ones for convenience such as on the beach or on walks so we can throw them away instead of storing them in my handbag! We even have a washable swim nappy from SplashAbout. Beth will start nursery soon and then she will use disposable nappies, again for convenience as I’m not keen on picking her up along with a days worth of dirty nappies.

    We still use our baby monitors, but as she is happy to sleep through the night is just as a reassurance for me. I’m a light sleeper and I like to hear her roll over or move during the night. I also still using our breast feeding cushion if I feed her on the bed, however I suspect it will be packed away soon with the bottles, steriliser and pump.

    We no longer use our BabyBjorn, it started putting too much pressure on our shoulders and as we both have a tendency to bad backs that wasn’t good. We currently use a Deuter baby carrier and she has been out in all weathers and even on and off boats at the Southampton boat show this week

    I look forward to reading your posts on sleep and solid food. However, I would be particularly interested to read your thoughts on working with a baby. I am returning to work soon and after 12 months off it is a little daunting.

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