Will design logo for iPhone

Or, My Fastest Logo Design Job Ever.

My coworker-friend-whom-I’ve-never-met-in-person, AKA SharePoint Queen herself, Heather Waterman, happened to ask me the other day if I wanted her old iPhone since she upgraded to a 3G. After finding out that it would impact us by $30/month for the data plan, I decided to go for it and asked how much she wanted for it. She said, “If you want to do a text logo for ‘Waterman Design Group’ we can trade for the iPhone… something simple.”

I had some time this afternoon while I was waiting for Steven to take a nap and pulled out my sketchbook to play with letter shapes. After several false starts, I started going with a W-crown, thinking of Heather as “SharePoint Queen,” but somehow that just didn’t fit the “Design Group” idea. I happened to notice an earlier idea (upper right) where the D and G shapes reflected each other and came up with the two on the bottom right, which were pretty close to how the final logo turned out.


Of course I had to mock it up in Illustrator to make sure it would work. I did 1-3 first and sent a quick screenshot to Heather, who happened to be on IM. She liked the D/G of 3 and the W/M of 1. I put those together to make 5, then tried #4 for more of an overlapped “N” shape. We both liked #5 better — I liked that the overlapped “M” could also be viewed as a backwards “N,” so you can either emphasize WaterMan or WatermaN — or kind of have WaterMaN all smushed up in there. Heather has a nice last name for a wordmark!


Next I tried some color variations…


But ultimately Heather decided she liked the original black/grey version, so then I played with the final logo with her company name.


Total time: 1 hour, 10 minutes! That’s what you get when you have a dash of inspiration with fast Illustrator skillz and immediate feedback.

As it turned out, my logo rates compared to the amount she was thinking of selling it for turned out to be just about the same, so we were both very happy with the trade. Now I’m looking forward to joining the iPhone crowd!

5 thoughts on “Will design logo for iPhone

  1. That’s really cool Corrie. I find it fascinating to see the design process stripped down and explained like that. Really like the final logo too!

  2. Love the logo! Creative and very professional. And an iPhone to boot. Now you’re going to be entering the world of iPhone apps… I can just see some new ideas being sparked! Fun.

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