NaNoDrawMo is over!

Here are some of my favorites (not already posted) — you can view the whole Flickr set if you’re interested.

Getting into stuff

18/50 – Another sketch of Steven. I cheated on this one and snapped a quick picture with my iPhone, then sketched from that. It’s way too hard trying to capture him when he’s moving around!

Useless cat

35/50 – Drawing inspired by an actual tweet and photo that I posted the previous evening. Freehanded with pen – no pencil sketching ahead of time.

Mornings with Steven

36/50 – Another straight-from-pen comic, colored in with colored pencil. This scene happens pretty much every morning.

My Day

37/50 – I drew this throughout the day.

Steven digging

38/50 – This is probably one of my favorite drawings to come out of NaNoDrawMo. This was done as a sketch using ink while watching Steven at the park.

Steven's Vocab Cloud 2

49/50 – Although I’ve used this concept already, Steven has picked up a lot more words in the past few weeks so I decided to make another vocab cloud.


50/50 – I drew this from a Matrix poster. I started doing it in only marker because I wanted a posterized look, but stopped partway to sketch out a light pencil outline to make sure I got the proportions right. I thought it was fitting to end NaNoDrawMo with one of my sources of inspiration; secretly, I’ve always wanted to stride around in a long leather jacket like Trinity.

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