Month: June 2010

Big changes ahead!

I’ve been dreadfully neglecting this blog and it’s way past time for some kind of update and post! So how about some big, life-changing news?

For those of you who don’t follow my personal blog, twitter, or facebook, this may be news to you: Steve and I are expecting a second baby boy in mid/late August! This time around, I didn’t have impaired glucose tolerance – yippee! – but unfortunately it means my diet hasn’t been as good, either, as I haven’t exactly been skimping on carbs and desserts. The baby is healthy and active, though, and we are excited to welcome him into the world.

And this is news to pretty much everyone else: I’ve just accepted a full-time position with Synteractive, a company based out of Washington D.C., starting officially on July 1st. I’m joining on as “Lead Designer” and will be doing what I enjoy doing best – design and coding – but will be applying those skills to SharePoint branding (e.g., taking a Microsoft SharePoint site and hacking at it to make it look nice). They offered me a generous package – enough so that Steve will be staying home as full-time dad once the baby arrives (gives him a chance to work out the busy construction season over the summer). I’ll be one of two remote workers, so I’ll continue to work at home; after the first year with nursing baby, I will most likely have to travel a few times a year. Although this is a huge change, I think that ultimately it will be really good for our family, and I’m excited to begin new working relationships and challenging projects! (Unfortunately you probably won’t hear much about those projects since pretty much everything I’ll be working on will be covered with an NDA… but I’ll share when I can!)

I will be severely curtailing my freelance business for obvious reasons, although I’m intending on keeping my core group of faithful long-time clients (most of whom just take a couple hours every few months for web updates, anyway) for as long as I can.

So – that’s that in terms of updates! Hope those of you who still have my dusty blog in your RSS readers are doing well. 🙂