Pondering a redesign

I’m feeling the itch to redesign my site, corriehaffly.com.

A big part of it is that since I’m no longer solely a freelance designer, I want to de-emphasize my web design services and focus on blog and Twitter posts. I’ve been fairly active on Twitter but not so much on this blog, so why not jump-start this blog by writing about the redesign process?

I took a few minutes during Steven’s snack time to brainstorm some initial ideas:

Content to include:

  • Blog, Twitter feeds
  • About info – currently working at Synteractive, personal info
  • Photoshop book
  • Contact info
  • Work/portfolio
  • Limited freelance availability – rates, info, what I like to do

Other thoughts:

  • How to post past and current work so that it’s quick to update frequently? Link off to another site (maybe blog category or Flickr set)?
  • Can put freelance rates and info as a sidebar on the “work” page
  • Use as a test site to try out latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques

I also sketched out a quick potential home page layout using Balsamiq:

I’m not really sure about the top header and footer layout yet, but I’m pretty set on wanting the blog, Twitter, and Flickr stuff to be front-and-center on the home page. Will be thinking about this more and looking around at inspirational sites in the meantime!


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