Inspiration, version .01, and brainstorming

One of the lovely features of being seven months pregnant, for me, anyway, is that I seem to be unable to sleep more than five hours a night before I wake up and can’t get back to sleep – usually because of an active, kicking baby. Usually I go to bed around 9 (hubby has to get up at 4 to go to work) and wake up anywhere between 2 and 3 am. Saturday night was unusual in that (perhaps thanks to my hour-and-a-half nap) I couldn’t fall asleep; I finally got up and browsed inspirational sites and mocked up a Photoshop-based wireframe.

Some of the sites I looked at:

  • Veerle’s blog
    One of my favorite sites to look at. She has wonderful details.
  • Hicksdesign
    Jon Hicks recently redid his site to be completely flexible and fluid (try resizing your browser window – even the images resize!) as a prime example of responsive web design. Frankly, it’s rather intimidating to think about the code behind it, but very inspirational. While I’d love to attempt something like this and learn a lot in the process, I also know it probably won’t apply well to my blog.
  • SimpleBits
    Another example of responsive web design – resize your browser window.
  • Jaredigital
    I like the clean, light, look and the self-deprecating tone of voice.

And here’s the wireframe I put together:

Some thoughts and notes:

  • If I want this to be a responsive web design example, I’ll most likely want to redesign so that the footer stuff shows up in a sidebar.
  • Maybe I need to be okay with my blog looking different than my site.
  • I’m trying out the Aurulent Sans font in this design, as I want to implement some CSS webfonts.
  • I’m waffling between straightforward “Blog” and “Twitter” subheadings vs. the cutesy “Lengthy Musings and Ramblings” and “Brief Random Thoughts.”
  • Brainstorming things to put in the talk bubble for the different pages. I’m still rather fond of my original tagline, “I whip web sites into submission, but I’m nice to everyone else,” but maybe it’s time for a change.
    • I love to design and code. It’s the meetings that kill me. (For the “work” page)
    • Sometimes I talk about myself in the third person, but otherwise I’m quite normal. (For the “about” page)

One thought on “Inspiration, version .01, and brainstorming

  1. Looks “Modern” and cool. I like the top and the content sections. Although the footer looks “off” to me. Can’t put my finger on it (maybe the different layouts of the different pieces?). It’ll be interesting to see it in it’s full glory when you have it live.

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