Backing stuff up

I finally took the plunge and got a pricey 4 TB My Book Studio Edition II, a fancy external hard drive from Western Digital. Ever since my external hard drive crashed a year ago which had tons of my work-related files on there and I paid $1000 to restore my files, I’ve been intending to get some kind of RAID back-up system after PK explained what a “redundant array of independent disks” was. I ended up getting the My Book drive not just because it was pretty but because it was Mac-friendly and easy to format into a RAID 1. In layman’s terms (which is all I really understand), this means that the two 2 TB drives “mirror” each other with the exact same data, so that if one drive fails, you have the other as a backup. I set up the drive last night, configured Apple Time Machine to back up my computer to the drive, moved off some of my space-hogging files (I freed up 60 GB of space just by moving my Windows virtual machines off), and now I’m triple-backing-up my other external drive’s files, which have old work files and eight years of digital photos and videos.

My next step is to move a bunch of files off my old PC (which has, oh, 8 MB of free space on the C drive!!) and then figure out how to reformat that computer. Never done it before so if you have tips, please pass them on!


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