Workspace setup

I promise I will write up some more interesting design-y posts, but I took [poor] pictures of my new workspace setup yesterday and wanted to share.

First, yesterday was the first day that I used both the PC and Mac, with new mouse and Synergy, for work. Originally I had the PC off to the side of my desk and would occasionally use it to check stuff in Internet Explorer, but yesterday I finally needed to use it for some web development. So, I moved the PC in front of me, but it was blocking my external monitor. So I found something to raise the monitor:


I knew Steve’s English lit books would come in handy someday!!

So now, my desk looks something like this:


My Mac is on the laptop elevator on the left, the external monitor is on the LiteratureStand™ on the top right, and the PC sits on the desk below – not great for ergonomics, since I have to look down at the screen, but it’s not too bad if I comfortably tilt way back in my chair. You can also see my tablet with the tablet’s mouse and the Bluetooth white mouse trying to hide in the shadows. When I’m using both computers, I turn on the Bluetooth mouse and connect it with the Mac, turn Synergy on, and can use my Mac keyboard and Bluetooth mouse to work with both computers! I set up Synergy so that if I go “down” off the external monitor screen, it will jump to the top of the PC screen, so it’s very intuitive to move all around. I was very pleased with the way everything was working, although sometimes when I get too close to the top left of the PC screen, my mouse cursor jumps to the Mac screen (left) and confuses me.

As a side note, it’s very hard to make out, but to the left of the Mac and slightly behind it is the My Book Studio hard drive, parked on the corner of my desk. I have an insane amount of cables and wires going everywhere right now, which makes me itchy to try to my desk, two years after first seeing that link. Maybe I’ll make that one of Steve’s first house projects when he gets off work!


2 thoughts on “Workspace setup

  1. Lovely! I so want a second screen (with my two laptops open)… Of course, I’d have to mount it to the wall if I wanted it in front of me (with my tiny tiny computer desk).

    Is this layout helping you stay productive? 🙂

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