Cooks Source vs the internets

Tipped off by @meyerweb’s tweet, I started following the Cooks Source (#crookssource) debacle on TweetDeck.

  • See the original author’s blog about finding out she was a victim of copyright infringement and the astoundingly ignorant, condescening, and not-very-grammatical reply by Cooks Source’s editor here:
  • And while it exists, see the Cooks Source Facebook page. If it’s winter where you live, you can be warmed by the hundreds of flames posted there.

The story has been picked up by the Washington Post, Gizmodo, The Guardian, BoingBoing, and I’m not sure where else, and the internets continue to steamroll forward with righteous indignation.

Meanwhile, Cooks Source is oddly silent. This tweet from @brucefloyd rang true for me: “#crookssource fiasco is proof that social media is not just about having an account. It’s about monitoring and responding.” On the flip side, if Cooks Source had immediately responded to the initial outcry with a humble and authentic apology, we might not have had so much fodder for entertainment.

P.S. Oh, and I forgot to mention the fake twitter accounts that have sprung up: @crookssource and @cookssource, among others.


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