Making homemade yogurt

I made yogurt for the first time this weekend and it was surprisingly easy! I used the recipe at A Year of Slow Cooking.

Then I made a video of it to submit to Get Rich Slowly’s video contest. That part was fun, too!

The hardest part was really getting the fruit to taste the way you like it. It took a few tries to figure out the optimal ratio of pureed peaches to yogurt (I went with 1 part peaches, 2 parts yogurt) and only after adding a tiny drizzle of honey did it taste as sweet as we like it.

I used GarageBand (on the Mac) to edit the music down to less than two minutes and iMovie to produce the movie using its built-in transitions and text effects.

UPDATE: Oh yeah. The receipt shows the yogurt at $0.79 but I listed $1.00 in my calculations. That particular receipt that I scrounged up listed non-organic yogurt on sale. $1.00 seemed to be the average at my local store for organic yogurt.

9 thoughts on “Making homemade yogurt

  1. Dear Corrie-
    How did you do this on your Mac. No matter where I look in the MacStore I can’t find the Crockpot app or the Towel. Are these free or $.99 apps?
    Please help.
    Also, did you drizzle the honey? Or just pour it on?
    I am typing this on my iPhone because my ProBook keys seem to be sticking now for some reason.


  2. Looks wonderful! My aunt runs a raw milk creamery and her yogurt–it’s a thick icelandic kind called skyr–is absolutely amazing. With a little maple syrup, it works as dessert too!

  3. Awesome!!!! Totally inspired to try it for us. Loved the video. And a savings of $260/year is AWESOME!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t have ever even CONSIDERED making homemade yogurt. But now I kinda want to try it. Thanks for the cool video.

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