NaNoDrawMo 2011

NaNoDrawMo 2011 is over! I ended one day late, inking in my last drawing early this morning.

This year I did 30 “My Day” drawings – sort of like tiny daily journals, in picture form, in my 3.5×4.5 Moleskine notebook. It’s fun for me to look over them and see the many milestones that have occurred – from the demolition starting on the outside of our house for our upcoming house addition, to Matthew being completely weaned, learning to push himself on the toy car, and starting to walk a lot. It’s also interesting to have proof of how poor my sleep quality is, thanks to children waking up at odd hours and my own messed-up biorhythms, and other work-at-home parents can relate with that tough balance between being productive and being there for your kids.

To my surprise, I didn’t hardly create any of the realistic pencil sketches that I’m most comfortable with, but I ended up doing a lot of sermon notes and writing/illustrating quotes that I wanted to ponder. Below are some of my favorite ones, but you can see the entire set on Flickr.

My one pencil sketch:

3/50 - Steven asleep in bike trailer

My one non-Moleskine drawing:

9/50 - Mini Moose onesie

I had one recipe:

34/50 - Bronwyn's Delicious Soft Ginger Cookies

All of my Moleskine ink drawings were done freehand – no pencil sketching beforehand.
20/50 - Eating a poppy-yeed muffin

Some of the “My Day” drawings:

7/50 - My Day 11/4/2011

15/50 - My Day 11/8/2011

33/50 - My Day 11/22/2011

Example of sermon notes:

10/50 - Junior high service talk notes

My favorite drawings from this year have been the quotes.

24/50 - "We know Him well"

46/50 - Sobering statistic

50/50 - Think about it

And, I had a few random comics and drawings here and there.

39/50 - Flea Repelling Outfit

44/50 - Bedtime Conversations

49/50 - Thankfulness

Finally, this is my favorite drawing from this month, and maybe one of my top favorite comics of all time that I’ve created.

40/50 - Biking with the Boys

Now that NaNoDrawMo is over, I can reclaim my early mornings and late nights of scribbling furiously in my Moleskine. Steve can heave a sigh of relief that I’m not asking him constantly “what time did we go to bed last night?” and “hm… what else did we do yesterday?” I didn’t feel like I was able to put quite as much effort this year into exploring different art forms, but I’m very happy with this body of work, as they all ended up fitting an overall theme of documenting my life and thoughts.

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