IE9 and SharePoint 2010 are not compatible for intranets, team sites, etc.

This is not something you want to learn while in the middle of a couple intranet branding projects for high-profile clients, but IE9 and SharePoint 2010 are not compatible for team sites. So say goodbye to the pretty intranet designs with CSS3 shadows and gradients and rounded corners and beautiful HTML5 code. Use CSS3 and HTML5 all you want on publishing public-facing sites, but for now, they just won’t work on the internal pages.

The main issue is referenced in this short SharePoint Forum post, SharePoint 2010 dialogs with rich-text controls don’t work in IE9. Basically, if you take out the meta tag that forces IE8 compatibility (<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=8″ />) the dialog windows with rich-text controls stop working. You can’t edit the rich text fields, and you can’t “save” at all even if you don’t touch the rich text field. This obviously causes problems when you are trying to have an IE9-branded experience on pages such as calendars, tasks, etc. that use the rich text field editor.

I’m truly surprised that this hasn’t been fixed yet by the SharePoint team. If anyone has any ideas on how to circumvent this issue, I’d love to know it. (Besides the obvious and annoying answer of reverting all our pretty designs back to IE8, of course.)

Props to Heather Waterman for helping to pinpoint the issue.

5 thoughts on “IE9 and SharePoint 2010 are not compatible for intranets, team sites, etc.

  1. This is simply unacceptable that Microsoft’s own browser is incompatible with their own server product. It’s been a funny experience to inform my users that they need to switch to a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox to get a working experience in SharePoint.

    Why hasn’t this been addressed in a service pack or hotfix yet? It’s September of 2012 for Christ sake.

    Microsoft, get your heads out of your a$$es and get this fixed!!!!

  2. I have also started using Kyle’s masterpage.
    And i made a little webcontrol for turning
    on / off the IE8 mode.
    It basically turns on IE8 mode when the page is in edit mode and turns it off when in view mode.
    All the problems i have seen so far has been related to edit mode.

    For me it’s ok to have no CSS3 in edit mode.
    Doesn’t really matter as long as CSS3/Html5 is available in view mode / normal use.

  3. Please Microsoft fix this issue. Your won product is not supported by your own browser and you claims quality and credibility.

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