Month: February 2013

Photoshopping a Valentine’s Day card

With our oldest in preschool (already!), we get to have our first experience with classroom Valentine’s Day cards as parents. I took Steven to Target and he decided on Fun Dip for his nut-free classroom treat, but when I pointed out the variety of cards, he slumped his shoulders, heaved a big sigh, and said, “Ughhhh – I can’t deyide! There are too many choices!” I asked if he’d like to make his own cards at home, and his face brightened up. Fine by me!

Initially, I thought that we would just cut out simple construction-paper hearts — but then I thought about trying to “help” him cut out twenty hearts and abandoned that idea. Instead, I asked him to draw a picture of himself holding a heart, then walked him through spelling out “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “Love Steve.” This all got scanned:


In Photoshop, I cut out the various pieces and used the Levels command to make them cleaner.

Using Levels

Setting the scanned layers to the “Multiply” mode so that colors would show through, I used the pen tool to draw solid-colored shapes underneath the layers. Below is a faux 3D layered version of what I put together.


The final graphic was sized to fit a quarter-sheet. I printed out four on a page, cut them apart, and Steven wrote his classmates’ names inside the heart.

Final cards

We dropped these facing forward in a vellum envelope (of which I have plenty on hand), tucking the Fun Dip packets behind them.