About Corrie

  • Corrie and SteveI like lists (especially to-do lists that I can cross off). (I also like parenthetial remarks.)
  • I’m a freelance web developer and designer in the Sacramento region.
  • I’m a partner (or is it a principal? or a principal partner?) with PixelMill. (As you can see, I’m pretty new at it.)
  • I’ve liked reading, writing, drawing, designing, and typing since I was very young.
  • I graduated from U.C. Davis with a degree in math. I probably should have majored in design but I was tired of other people putting me into the “artsy box.”
  • I’m the author of The Photoshop Anthology, published by SitePoint. I’m pretty new to this identity as an officially published author, too, although I’ve been writing all the articles and tutorials for PixelMill for years.
  • I am practical, efficient, and organized.
  • I am trying to learn the harp.
  • I love to cook.
  • I like nice people. (My husband Steve, shown in the picture above with me, is pretty nice.) If you are one, please feel free to drop me a note or comment!

If you would like me to do some work for you, please visit my site: www.corriehaffly.com.

Here are some posts that are specifically about me:

15 thoughts on “About Corrie

  1. Gorgeous picture of the two of you, Corrie. I am LOVING your blog and have now added you to my google reader so I can read some more.

    Lovely to e-meet you. Here I am all the way in SA.

  2. Thanks, Marcia! In between your first comment and this one, I visited yours as well, recognized you as an organizing kindred spirit, and added you to Google reader as well. Will now have to work my way back through the archives. πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Corrie.

    I was very excited to learn that you graduated from UC Davis with a Math degree and are now a freelance web developer and designer. How long did it take you to learn how to script in CSS, Flash, and other programming languages?

  4. Hello Yazil! Thank you for visiting. Unfortunately I never kept time logs of my learning processes (in hindsight that would have been quite interesting). I’ll just say that it took me a good month or two to dive into CSS layouts while not doing much else, and I consider myself “still learning.” I’ve been working full-time or freelance in the field since 2000.

  5. How did you get into becoming a freelance web designer if you majored in mathematics? I’m sorry for all of these questions, but I’m just very interested in web design myself. I have been since I was a freshmen in high school. I will be graduating next year from SJSU with a major in Business Management and am hoping to get into the Nursing Program soon.

    How did you start off and find clients? I am very interested in becoming a part-time web designer myself so I can pay my way through college.

  6. Hi,

    When I googled my son’s name I also found your’s. I noticed you said you never met any other Hafflys besides your husbands family. Our family came fro Pennsylvania. There are some in the Akron Ohio area also. I would be interested in contact if possible.


  7. hi,
    your website was linked in an article (for the way you stored teabags….) and it was a pleasant surprise to see your name…… our eldest daughter is Corrie also. Her spelling is after Corrie Ten Boom.
    so…now you have a comment about your 1st name too….. πŸ™‚

  8. Came across your blog and had to say hi, I’m a Corrie too! Not very often I come across other girls with the same name as me πŸ™‚

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