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New family life comics

Here are some recent comics… (Click to view larger)

Matthew (3 1/2 yrs old) really dislikes snuggling with Steve if Steve doesn’t have a shirt on.


One of my biggest challenges right now is keeping my patience when helping Steven (just turned 6) to practice piano.


Benjamin (1 yr 9 mo) is starting to say lots of words.


Benjamin is also discovering his “no,” which can be mildly confusing.


Steve and Matthew have developed their own vocabulary.


Our boys love watching “Chopped.” This actually happened.


Benjamin loves to whack people.  He’s gotten strong enough that it actually hurts, and we have given permission for the older boys to hit him back (but not in the face). He hasn’t quite figured out the new rules.




NaNoDrawMo 2013: Mostly comics

This is my third year successfully completing NaNoDrawMo! (See 2009 and 2011. Apparently odd years are my good ones.)

This year, I went with drawing mostly comics. It got challenging near the end to come up with new material, although most of the stuff I drew involved real-life situations that had happened within the past 24 hours. I’ve decided to post all of them below, so this is going to be long after you make the jump…

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Working it out

One parenting principle that we try to follow – and frequently fail at – is to allow children to work out their own problems and not interfere, since 95% of fighting is really to get parents’ attention.

But sometimes it’s hard to not step in.


More family life comics

I’ve tweeted these comics before, but I hadn’t taken the time to scan them and put them up here, so here they are. Click to view a larger version.

Matthew used to sleep with a special little pillow. He HAD to have it every night… along with a small blanket that he called his “banket raggy” or his “raggy.”


Matthew doesn’t know how to walk quietly.

We’ve been homeschooling the boys. We aren’t really sure how much Matthew comprehends, but he surprised us by drawing an A with chalk on the ground all by himself!