Friday tidbits

I haven’t felt the need to post weekly reviews. Things are going well. So here’s a random mix of tidbits. Photo of Steve’s friend fly-fishing on the American river this past weekend: One of the sites I worked on this year was for Jason DeJong’s research group at UC Davis where they “solve soil interaction […]

Reading: Back to Bujold, Plenty, more baby

Finished reading: The Curse of Chalion, Paladin of Souls, and The Hallowed Hunt by Lois McMaster Bujold – Without any library books, I turned to one of my favorite authors. These three books are set in the same “world.” The Curse of Chalion follows Cazaril, who becomes the tutor of a royal princess but finds […]

Reading: Dragonhaven, Baby, Evolution…, Princess and the Hound, Organized

Finished reading: Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy – Very short chapters, easy to read, about different aspects of pregnancy in a funny, frank, and sometimes embarrassingly frank format. Not recommended for my nieces and nephews. Dragonhaven by Patricia McKinley – I’d been waiting for our local Borders to stock this book for weeks and weeks; […]

What to discuss when you’re expecting

My husband and I went through pre-marital counseling with a couple from our church before we got married. There were lots of books available with questions and topics to discuss before tying the knot, helpful tools to get you talking about important things and expectations so you have less unpleasant surprises after marriage. I made […]

Do-it-yourself Pregnancy and Baby Journal

One of my quirks: I usually dislike lined journals. I especially dislike the kind that have “prompts” for you to fill out, such as most of the pregnancy journals and baby books on the market. So, I decided to make my own. I used a coupon to get a nice discount on an expensive Italian […]


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