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corriehaffly.com redesign

Previous rounds: v1, v2, v2.1

As I mentioned in my August goals review, I was going to try to carve out time on 8/13 to work on getting my new web site design up.

And I did!


The rest of this week, I’m going to try to commit an hour each day to clean things up.

  • The older HTML is a bit sloppy, and I want to make it a little bit more semantic (using strong instead of bold, for example).
  • I changed “services and rates” to just “rates” and “portfolio” to “work,” so the page titles (and file names?) will need to reflect this change.
  • I need to weed older stuff out of my portfolio and add some newer projects.
  • I might switch to the larger thumbnail (bottom of the home page) for the main work page.
  • I want to think about what else I can do for the right column and dividing sections. Something with the headings? Some sort of divider? It’s missing something, but I’m not sure what quite yet. Maybe more fun/whimsy.
  • I want to think of more clever things to put in the talk bubble for each section.

I can’t say that I love this new design (whereas I do love my Custom Shadow Box design), but it will do for now. 🙂

Custom Shadow Box business cards

One thing checked off my monthly goal tracker sheet! I finally designed business cards and placed an order for 250. I paid extra money for printing on the back side and for glossy paper; I’m excited to see how they turn out.

Custom shadow box business card design

The next time I wake up and can’t go back to sleep, I’m designing a brochure. 🙂

Weekend painting – Frog mural

This weekend, some of my friends and I helped to paint a room. Julie invited us to help her paint her spare room for her nephew with a fun blue-green color scheme and said that she was thinking of doing some kind of mural, as well, with a quote from Guess How Much I Love You: “I love you to the moon and back.”

Here was the final result:


I must brag about my creative friends — Holly, who designed the mural and did the frogs (with some “fill in” help from Julie), Julie, who painted the moon, and Liz (a.k.a fellow baby shower decor designer), who came up with the idea for the stripe of blue around the rest of the room and was our general manager for the day. My bragging rights come in from doing the lettering and painting the lily pad. We all prepped the room together and painted in stages; both colors needed two coats and we had to wait for the blue to dry before taping it off to do the green. The blue bled a little bit behind the painter’s tape; I figured out that if we cut in the edges of the green very carefully with a paintbrush instead of simply rolling over it, that problem could be avoided — and it worked!

It took about eight hours (with a short break for pizza) from start to finish, and we were all very pleased with it by the end. Except for Julie’s nephew, who was just slightly disappointed that Holly didn’t have time to make a dragon on the other wall, too, as planned…

Web site design v2.1 colors

Previous rounds: v1, v2

I started out with similar color choices as v1…


Web site design v2.1 green

Web site design v2.1 blue


Web site design v2.1 purple


Web site design v2.1 teal

Then I started thinking about a seasonal design…


Web site design v2.1 summer


Web site design v2.1 fall


Web site design v2.1 teal


Web site design v2.1

I think I could come up with the scripting to add the proper stylesheet for my normal web site, but I’m not completely sure yet how I’d do it for the blog (currently hosted at wordpress.com). In any case, I think I’m ready to start building out the HTML and CSS and graphics and tweak as I go!

Slightly new web site layout idea

Second round… (see round 1)

I started with this new idea:


Web site design v2.0

The new speech bubble text reads: “I whip web sites into submission, but I’m nice to everyone else.”

I moved the Featured Work down and tried adding little comics. I liked this a little bit better; having the Featured Work on top made the design feel too top-heavy since the logo is so huge. I also moved the speech bubble to the top of the header and reduced the amount of text inside.

It seemed a bit busy to me, so I tried pumping in more white space in the main content area and bumping the header bar a few sizes larger:


Web site design v2.1

With circles… (this could work if I decided to go with a different color)


Web site design v2.1b

I like the basic idea of this one better than v1.0, so I think it’s just a matter of tweaking the colors and balance to work for me. I’m also not committed to the Photoshopped circle/leaf clusters.

At this rate, maybe I’ll have a new web site design by the end of next month. 🙂

Update 7/7: Follow the design process… The story continues with Web site design v2.1 colors

Baby carriage baby shower wrapup

This Saturday was the baby shower.

I’ve already shown the invitations and favors, but as this is a wrap-up post, I’ll show them again!

The invitation was based off of an istockphoto vector illustration, recolored to match our blue/green theme:

Baby shower invitation

The invitations were on different colors of cardstock, which I happened to already have available, so they were very cost-efficient:

Baby shower invitation

I purchased green tea and glued on my own baby carriage tags over the existing tea label:

Making baby shower favor teabags

Then I cut and glued the tea bag envelopes:

Baby shower favor teabags

Finally, I also created a recipe card for one of the desserts that one of the organizers was making – Green Tea Shortbread:

Recipe card and tea bag

I designed another shadow box for our friends’ upcoming baby boy:

Shadow box

Some notes about the materials:

  • I came across the turtle and the wood blocks at a thrift store for literally pennies apiece. They matched the colors of the shower, so I bought them for the frame.
  • I then found that the baby’s bedding is going to have pastel rubber duckies. So I looked around for quite a while for a plush duck that was cute and that would fit in the frame. I eventually found a Gund plush duck, but it was just slightly too plump. So I opened up the seam in the back and took out some of the stuffing to make it fit better. 🙂
  • The picture frame inside a frame idea was borrowed from the other shadow box I made for our other friends.

The party itself was a great success, and the mother-to-be had a wonderful time.

We stuck with the blue-green theme. Liz, aka decorating genius disguised as a receptionist, brought blue and green linens, white serving dishes (including a cool three-tier dessert holder) and blue chargers (under the white plates), and devised a cool use for candle holders by putting tea cups and saucers on top of them. We borrowed glass plates and cups from the grandmother-to-be. I had some blue glass goblets. Pears, limes, and a couple of silk green orchids rounded out the decorations.


We worked the blue and green theme pretty hard with the food as well. I made cucumber sandwiches and fruit salad (with honeydew, grapes, and blueberries), and picked up some mini blueberry scones from the store. Holly made beautiful sandwich wraps with spinach, turkey, and cranberry sauce. Liz made green tea shortbread and picked out green and blue m’n’m’s from several packages. Julie brought blueberry iced tea, and we also had water with cucumber and mint.

Blue and green food

We were surprised by how this turned out, but the hostess’ house was decorated in blue and green as well! In fact, she had a large glass vase with blue-green stones in the bottom and a candle inside. The shape of the vase was exactly the same shape as my blue goblets. We couldn’t have “planned” it better.

Vase is the same shape as goblets.

We asked Holly to bring two vases of peacock feathers that she had at her house. They added a very elegant touch.

Peacock feathers and prizes.

Everyone raved about how beautiful it was. We were really happy to provide a nice environment for a very special occasion.

Web site v1 – Experiments in color

Now that I’ve picked a logo and have a business card order placed, it’s on to revamping my current web site. I’m going to treat myself like a client and come up with at least one other design idea — but here’s a peek at the first one and my experiments with five different colors…






Note on this last one: I’m going to probably have different photos/colored boxes on each page, so I was trying out a different color with the pink background.

I’m going to see if I can inject more “whimsy” into the next design. Not feeling overly inspired yet, however, and I only want to stare at kittens all day. Might have to give this another month. 🙂

Baby carriage baby shower favors

This Saturday is the second baby shower that I’m throwing this year along with a few other organizers. The invitations had a baby carriage theme, so I carried the graphics on to the guest favors. I made custom tea bag envelopes using a pale shade of the lime green from the invitation graphics. Here’s a staged view of my work in progress:

Making baby shower favors

My original idea was to make a cool and complicated 3D pyramid tea bag holder, but the Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange Flavor pyramid infusers proved difficult to work around, so I gave up and went with easy flat envelopes instead. I printed out small baby carriage squares, sliced them up, and glued them over the Lipton logo for customized labels.

Making baby shower favor teabags

The pyramid tea bags were puffier than the standard flat tea bags, so the envelopes got a little puffy and wrinkled after putting them in, but they still look cute.

Baby shower favor teabags

One of the snacks that will be made for the party is green tea shortbread. I created a recipe card (standard 3×5 index card size) to also give to the guests, so here’s the final baby shower favor package:

Recipe card and tea bag

Baby carriage cookies.One of the ideas we initially had when we were brainstorming favor ideas were baby carriage cookies. I was able to find baby carriage cookie cutters online and my sister has all of the cake/cookie decorating paraphernalia that one could want, but ultimately I nixed the idea as it seemed like too many things could go wrong and I’d have to make them all just a few days before the shower so they wouldn’t be stale. I’m much more comfortable with paper, scissors, and glue! I also had the added benefit of being able to work on the favors a little at a time. Plus, green tea is much healthier than sugar cookies, and more likely to actually be used, right? If we had a bigger budget to work with, though, maybe we would have done both and ordered the personalized cookies instead. 🙂

Next week, I’ll post the remaining info from the baby shower, including the personalized gift I worked on and our party decor and food.

Presenting the new Corrie Haffly logo! Moo!

It’s been over a month since I generated my last round of logo ideas (see part 1, part 2, part 3). Other projects and responsibilities have intruded since then, but a link to a VistaPrint business card sale that ends this Tuesday helped to whip me into gear.

I decided to start with my top three favorite logos from round 3 and just start putting them in a business card shape to see how they might develop from there. Below are some of the ones I started playing with, starting with the “corrie smiley-face logo” and the “CH combo logo.”

Business card sketches

When I got to my “smiley-C” logo, I went completely non-traditional and started working on this:

Smiliy C logo business card idea
Something about this clicked for me.

  • It’s not your standard business card.
  • It’s simple and clean.
  • It’s fun and friendly.
  • It ties in my smiley-face avatar — and even the fact that I like to draw comics.

I think the “C/H combo” logo is a little cooler-looking, maybe a little stronger, but it doesn’t scream my personality all that much.

After trying out some different fonts and wording, I’ve ended up with this (it’s not much different):

Business card design

Next steps are to get this in a format ready to send off to vistaprint, then redesign my web site and blog and invoice templates and all that printable goodness. Now I’ll finally have the excuse to try out WordPress.com’s Sandbox theme and custom CSS upgrade.

And if I hate this logo in a few months… well, I did come up with lots of other options. 🙂

Thanks to Angela, Liz, Penny, Shirley, Dave, Senia, Gilda, Doodah, Alex, Mike, and Lea (who wrote the original article series that inspired me to try to brand myself) for voicing helpful thoughts and opinions through this process.