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Making Personalized CD Envelopes

Problem: Making a mix CD for a friend, don’t have any spare jewel cases or CD envelopes.

Solution: Make my own artistic CD envelope! Read on to see how I combine Photoshop, photos, and a color printer for a “low cost” solution. (Low cost, that is, if you already have Photoshop.) Photoshop file download below!

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Photoshop brushes tutorial

I printed out my monthly calendar pages, cut them in half and trimmed them with my paper cutter, and hole punched them to go into my new organizer. Then I numbered the pages to end up with something like this:

Click for larger view…
New monthly calendar page for organizer

The picture above is a Photoshop-created mock-up, because I’m too lazy to drag out my scanner. Ironically, though I decided to use Photoshop instead of scanner to “save time,” I ended up taking more time because I decided to turn the process into another step-by-step tutorial! So, here is how I put together the picture above. The following techniques will be covered:

  • Resizing the canvas, cropping, deleting, and other basic stuff
  • Creating a custom brush for the Rollabind/Circa hole-punches
  • Modifying brush properties to make your life easier

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