Using the SharePoint image description field in the CQWP

The problem I have a list with an Image column. When adding items to the list, you get the ability to type a description for the image. Seems like this would be used as “alt” descriptive text, right? Well, let’s pull this field into a Content Query Web Part. I’ll use the default of “image […]

Themable custom master page in SharePoint 2010

Once you understand how theme colors work in SharePoint 2010, you’re on your way to creating your own themable (or “themeable”) master pages! This article is not going to go through the details of making your own master page, as there are plenty of resources on creating custom master pages in SharePoint 2010. Instead, I’ll […]

Color scheme tools and creating a SharePoint color theme

One of the first things I do when embarking on a new SharePoint branding project is to determine the color scheme. Sometimes, the colors are part of the design requirements, but often, I have some leeway in creating suggested color palettes to present to the client. Even if the client has provided a logo with […]

IE9 and SharePoint 2010 are not compatible for intranets, team sites, etc.

This is not something you want to learn while in the middle of a couple intranet branding projects for high-profile clients, but IE9 and SharePoint 2010 are not compatible for team sites. So say goodbye to the pretty intranet designs with CSS3 shadows and gradients and rounded corners and beautiful HTML5 code. Use CSS3 and […]

Adding rounded corners to web part header for SharePoint 2010

I wanted to add rounded corners to the out-of-the-box web part header in a SharePoint 2010 site. Looking around in Google’s initial results, I found a couple references to Heather Solomon’s article about adding rounded corners to a web part header in a 2007 site, but I didn’t especially love that the rounded corner didn’t […]

Customizing the HTML code of a Content Query Web Part

I’m learning all about SharePoint branding as part of my new job at Synteractive, so this post started out as a reference file and notes on the steps I was taking. It ended up being an insanely long blog draft and I decided to throw it out there to see if more experienced SharePoint superstars […]


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