Month: December 2008

Long time, no write

I’m guessing all my non-RSS readers and avid RSS-declutterers have dropped this blog by now, but happy new year to all of you remaining subscribers! I hope this year has been good for you. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the past few months, in order of most-time-consuming to least…

  • Being a mom: Steven is now 8 months old (where does the time go?!), has six teeth, is crawling, and is super-duper cute. He is a lot of fun, and we love life with him!
  • Trying to sleep: Steven was sleeping through the night for a while (yippee!) but then started teething early (4 months) and everything went to hell sleep-wise. I went into survival mode, sleeping whenever I could. We’re only just re-entering the world of sleeping through the night again.
  • Working as much as I can: Work has been challenging as Steven went from four naps a day to two naps a day and then got mobile! Meanwhile, my hubby’s industry (construction) isn’t doing too well, and he’s been out of work for the past month and a half. So, he’s been doing the childcare thing as I’ve been trying to pick up as much work as I can. Luckily, the work’s been coming to me, so I haven’t had to hustle too much.
  • Historian-ing like mad: I’ve been blogging prolifically on my personal blog to help keep track of baby milestones and daily life, posting hundreds of photos and videos on Flickr, and tweeting away for both myself and the baby. (It’s been even more fun on twitter because both my sisters joined, a few of my nieces and nephews have joined, and even my 64-year-old mom (I think? I can never keep track of her age.) has joined!)
  • Custom shadow box-ing: Without doing any additional marketing, people have been finding my Custom Shadow Box site on the internet and placing orders! Quite exciting and a fun break from my usual computer work.

Having a baby definitely took a big hit on my normal level of productivity and goal-orientedness, but it’s safe to say that it was worth it! Now that 2009 is upon us, though, I’m ready to “inject some intentionality into my life,” to quote my other blog. With that, I’ve been busy making lots of plans and goals and systems for the new year – things that I would normally blog about here, but that I’ve ended up posting in my other one. For your reading pleasure (only if you’re really bored), here are some links:

I hope you have a happy new year. If you’re a regular, I’d love it if you dropped a note to let me know what you’ve been up to!