NCCC, part 3: Refining the logo

nccc6After sending off my digital “sketches,” shown in yesterday’s post, Rusty decided he liked the girl better and asked to spin the “old man” profile and have it on the outside of the mountain on the left side to be more true to depictions of that image. He also asked me to try to move one of the legs to be up against the wall, and to overall slim down the outline of the girl. I knew I couldn’t just “move the leg” (I know my figure drawing limitations!), so I found a photo of a man with one hand and one leg on the cliff to come up with a few more versions:

 Girl loses a few pounds, deforestation occurs, ski trail or river added, and “old man” profile flipped to the left. Top left has cliff going all the way up, while top right has the original cliff shape.
Bottom left: Girl gets a haircut, but still looks very female. Bottom right: I found a male image to work from for the one-hand one-foot on/off pose.

Rusty decided to stick with the cliff shape. I made a few final tweaks to each version to enlarge the figure slightly and move the figure and cliff to the left to take up more of the white space. Then it was time for a battle of the sexes… and finalizing fonts and colors.


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