Plants in the ground

I finally transplanted all of the pepper and basil seedlings into our planter boxes this past weekend and sowed a row of spring onions as well. The tomato cage is over the spring onions to discourage certain cats from using our planter box as a litter box. The Golden Jubilee and Roma tomato plants are […]

Garden 2009 update

Oh boy, I’ve been dropping the ball on updates. Here are a few highlights from the past few months. April The seedlings grew nicely in my makeshift greenhouse. We finally finished weeding out the planter boxes, tilled the soil, and mixed in compost from our compost bin. I picked up three organic tomato seedlings from […]

Gardening 2009

Last spring/summer, we had just moved into our house and dove immediately into amateur newbie gardening. We planted a Sweet 100 cherry tomato plant (with great success and production) and a Better Bush tomato (not as successful – the tomatoes had rot or some other strange fungal thing going on). We tried a few rows […]


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