Month: July 2013

Homemade fruit rollups


I tried making homemade fruit rollups with part of our first peach harvest!

There are several recipes out there, but I went with a simple no-fuss approach:

  1. Started with lots of peaches (maybe a dozen small ones, with the bad parts cut out), peel still on, cut into chunks, cooked until soft
  2. Squeezed juice from one orange into pan, mixed
  3. Pureed everything in the food processor
  4. Spread on parchment paper, stuck in oven overnight, set on lowest possible temperature.


I ended up leaving the pan in there for half of the next day, too, because some parts were really thick and didn’t seem very dried out. Then I peeled it off.


Some parts stuck to the parchment.


I got a clean piece of parchment paper to roll up the fruit leather.


Then, I got a roll of scotch tape and stickers. I put the sticker UNDER the end of the tape.


Pulling out enough tape to wrap around the cylinder-of-fruit-leather, I stuck the other end of the tape to the parchment paper to go in the same direction as the “roll.” This way, when the sticker gets peeled off, the fruit rollup can unroll naturally. See picture below:


The tape has to be long enough to stick to itself, otherwise it will just fall off the parchment paper.


Then, using a pair of sturdy kitchen shears and brute force, I cut off the end to form a fruit-rollup-sized piece, while holding on tightly to the rest of the cylinder so that it didn’t unroll.


Ta-da! Store in an airtight container, although they won’t last that long. The kids love them; I personally would try extra-hard to spread everything evenly next time (the edges were more crispy than leathery) and perhaps add some honey to make it a little sweeter.

Top 10 family-friendly things to do in Davis

I was exploring ways to draw maps in Illustrator and ended up making a map of Davis and the top ten things our family likes to do together.

Top 10 family-friendly things to do in Davis


  1. Impossible Acres
    You can pick berries and fruit in the spring and summer, but our favorite thing to do is to get a season pass in the fall and go several days in October to pet brand-new baby farm animals! The baby goats are our favorite!
  2. Slide Hill Park / Manor Pool
    Bring flattened cardboard and slide down the concrete slide! In the summer, go swimming at Manor Pool, which has a pool perfect for babies and toddlers and diving boards and a waterslide for older children (and adults!)
    1525 Tulip Lane
  3. Farmer’s Market / Yolo Berry
    Get fresh, local produce and delicious food (Fat Face Sandwiches on Saturday mornings are awesome!). Wednesday nights, listen to local bands and pay $1 for bounce houses or to ride the bike-pedaled carousel. If you didn’t already get dessert, cross the street to get froyo at Yolo Berry, a local favorite!
    4th Street / 316 C St
  4. Village Bakery / Train Station
    Get a delicious slice of pizza from Village Bakery to go (and maybe a pastry), then cross the street to hang out at the train station and watch the trains come and go.
    814 2nd St
  5. Davis Co-op
    Pay $30/yr to be a member of this local food co-op. Kids get their own small carts and you get access to organic and local foods. There are also great cooking classes for all ages
    620G St
  6. Library / Rainbow City
    The library has free infant/toddler programs and of course, lots of free books. Across Community Park, visit Rainbow City, a large wooden park structure.
    315 E 14th St
  7. Davis Commons / Arboretum
    Grab lunch at Whole Foods or one of the many eateries, then cross the parking lot to walk the 3-mile loop of the UCD Arboretum. Most plants are labeled and sometimes you’ll see a peacock. Just don’t feed the ducks!
    500 1st St
  8. UC Davis Memorial Union
    Besides the annual Whole Earth Festival (Mother’s Day weekend) and Picnic Day celebration (mid-April), you can visit the UCD MU basement for cheap bowling, billiards, and arcades. Why go to London when you can ride a double-decker bus for $1 (under 5 are free)?!
    814 2nd St
  9. Covell Marketplace
    Dos Coyotes is a classic Davis spot, but several other eateries are at the Marketplace – as is a fun fountain perfect for dipping your feet.
    1411 Covell Blvd
  10. California Raptor Center
    A small collection of raptors can be viewed for free. View beautiful birds up close!

Photo credits:
Great Horned Owl – Drew Avery, flickr.comDavis Amtrak station – @Tehhen,
All other photos and content, Corrie Haffly