August Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions


Happy Groundhog Day Resolution Review day! How are you doing on your goals?

One of my major goals for the year was accomplished with the opening of Custom Shadow Box. A lot of my other goals are “maintenance goals” so I don’t really have any challenges to work towards other than “keep doing it” — which, well, I’m not that great at! So this next month, I’m going to focus on my health/body goals and also REALLY push for my new site design to get up and running.

  • Health/body goals – 🙂
    • How I did: I sort of abandoned ship partway through the month with my own exercise routine and joined the gym with Steve. I lost 2 of the 3 pounds I had gained last time. My weekly menu plans were a little spotty; we ended up eating out spontaneously a lot; while that didn’t affect my waistline too much, it did affect our budget!
    • Next month: We have a year membership and historically have been pretty disciplined about going regularly. I’m pretty excited about our new gym — it’s the university’s activities and recreation center built not too long ago, so besides having tons of nice equipment, there is a huge gym (for basketball, badminton, and even ping pong!), raquetball rooms (which I probably won’t make use of), a rock climbing wall, and classes that you can pay for. You also get free admission to the pool, which is in a different part of campus. It’s also cheaper for two alumni memberships than it is to have a couple membership any other place in town. So far, we’ve been lifting three times a week and getting a little bit of cardio/warmup by biking to the gym. My goal this next month is to work in cardio on the other three days (with Sundays off), either by biking around on errands, swimming, or walking in the mornings, starting tomorrow!
  • Work-related goals
    • Branding goal – 😐
      • How I did: I did absolutely nothing! So much for my great plans to have my web site and new blog design up. Although I did switch my blog design to a plainer version to help motivate me to redesign. The non-floating images (such as the groundhog at the top — it’s not wrapped to one side) are starting to bug me enough that I think it might happen!
      • Next month: I am carving out time on 8/13 to work on my web site. I don’t have many other projects due that day, and will work harder the rest of the week to make up for the lost billable time.
    • Small business goal –8)
      • How I did: I surpassed my goals by going live! This is a pretty major milestone for me and I’m quite happy about it.
      • Next month: Nothing too major; get business cards printed and a brochure designed. I think I’ll wait until September to develop some kind of local marketing plan.
  • Routines – 😕
    • How I did: As I mentioned in my weekly update, I flat-out stopped following my routines for a little while. This week has started out better as I pushed the reset button on my life. 🙂
    • Next month: I’m going to take a bit of time just after I post this blog to reconfigure my daily routine tracker sheet — I’m taking out exercise in my evening routine and moving exercise and shower to a different non-morning section. My goal for this next month is to use my sheet and fill out bubbles every weekday. Another new thing I will work on is a household routine; we’re moving into a house with some friends in a couple of weeks and will have to talk about chores and fun things like that.
  • Character/social – 🙂
    • How I did: The small routines I’ve developed (including keeping a “gratitude journal”) have really become routines, which is good! My overall attitude has been good.
    • Next month: I’m not going to put up any mini-goals for this month in these areas, but will hopefully continue on with the good habits I’ve developed!

6 thoughts on “August Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

  1. Congrats on a good Groundhog month! I’ve enjoyed observing your process – thanks for sharing it here. I have been doing my own daily checklist, inspired in part by your daily routine tracker sheet. (But without the veggie shaped bubbles 🙂 ) It really helps.

  2. Awesome update!!! And super congratulations on launching custom shadow box! I’m inspired to keep moving on my things too when I see what you’re doing.

  3. Kate – I’ve tried climbing once and it was fun — although I was definitely sore afterwards!

    Doodah – Very cool! Let me know if you want some custom-designed food bubbles. 🙂

    Dave – Likewise! Your regular progress on the ETP is definitely inspiring so that I don’t just give up on my goals. I like this kind of virtual encouragement!

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