July Groundhog Day Resolution Review

It’s not a good sign of resolution-keeping when I’m a day late on my resolution review! Here are the goals that I had set in June:

  1. Working at least 15 hours a week (averaging out to 3 hours each workday)
  2. Having a daily routine:
    • During Steven’s first morning nap:
      • Devotional time
      • Putting away dishes
      • Making bed
      • Personal care: Exercise, getting dressed, brush teeth, etc.
      • Housework (may be sacrificed on exercise days)
      • Blogging (may be postponed on exercise days)
    • Next two naps: Working
    • Before bed:
      • Straighten up one room
      • Clear sink of dishes
  3. Walking/running at least 3 times a week, building up on the amount of time I can run. Should be up to 15 minutes by next review day if I increase 3 minutes each week.

My overall status for how these reviews went: 😐 Hit and miss!

Some weeks I worked 15 hours or more. Other weeks I worked 5 hours or less.

Most days I managed to keep to my morning routine, sans exercise. On the weeks when I worked 15 hours or more, however, housework basically went out the window. Exercise was “miss” all the way through.

I’m not really daunted or discouraged, however… it’s all part of learning how to balance life with a new baby! And the resolution review day at least gives me some impetus for starting again.

So – I’m going to reuse/recycle last month’s goals for this month!

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