July Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

Cheering groundhogMy main June goals that I wanted to focus on were related to health and fitness and the new business I’m trying to start. I thought I was pretty settled in my routine-related goals and could just maintain them. In reality, my health and routine related goals slowly degenerated, but I surpassed my own milestones and expectations in regards to my personal branding and new business goals. So while I didn’t get to check off as many bubbles on my monthly goal tracking sheet (I had a 5/11 success rate, or 45%), I’m overall quite pleased with the past month!

  • Health/body goals – 😦
    • How I did: I had originally intended to increase my running speed, but instead I injured myself and took a week off. I then changed my goal to “run without getting hurt,” but instead I really ended up “not really running at all.” I also had planned to think about and implement some strategies for not overeating, but totally dropped the ball and, er, gained three pounds during a rather gluttonous anniversary weekend.
    • Next month: Back to basics for me! I’m trying to be diligent with using the food tracking portion of my daily calendar sheet, am going back to exercising every day (and trying to run at least 3 times a week).
  • Work-related goals
    • Branding goal – 8)
      • How I did: I had hoped to merely pick a logo. Instead, I picked a logo, designed a business card and got it printed, and got through two rounds of web design ideas with a probable winner!
      • Next month: I am going to build out the web site and redesign the blog!
    • Small business goal – 8)
      • How I did: My mini-milestones for June were to nail down paperwork (fictitious name filing, seller’s permit, etc.). Also, I had five illustrations planned for the web site which were taking a long time to trace and render in Illustrator, so one of my mini-milestones was to work on one illustration. I surprised myself and managed to knock out all five in one afternoon — and then used the momentum to get the forms working on the site!
      • Next month: My main goal is to research shipping costs. Once I have that, I can finalize the pricing and start some testing… maybe even go live!
  • Routines – 😕
    • How I did: I had intended to target Wednesdays and Thursdays as my routine days. What really happened was that I barely thought about routines and rarely tried filling out the bubbles of my tracking sheet. But what’s encouraging is that most of my routines have really become habit, so I was doing them on most days without thinking about it.
    • Next month: I’ll try targeting Wednesdays and Thursdays again, focusing on getting my evening routines into habits. I’m also going to try practicing harp in the morning. Hope our neighbors don’t mind.
  • Character/social – 🙂
    • How I did: About the same as last month.
    • Next month: Keep at it!

I found that with all the various reviewing I was doing for GTD, I sort of dropped reviewing my goals on a regular basis. This month, I’m going to make my goal sheet part of my weekly review, and see if that helps me to stay on track.

3 thoughts on “July Review for Groundhog Day Resolutions

  1. These are real significant goals. I’m impressed by the balance and time investment you are putting into all of these. It’s ALL part of your Personal Brand : )

  2. Sorry, shwibbs and Marcia — I failed to keep up on checking comments marked as spam so these fell through. Thanks for your kind comment, shwibbs; Marcia, my goal sheet is in my organizer in a spot where I can easily review them!

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